I was in Rajasthan, India. Its a beautiful place with many forts and castles, and India’s one and only desert – Thar Desert – lies here! We were coming back from a small village – Bhinmal – where there is a beautiful temple. One of the things in Indian villages that always get me is the fact that these people are the most helpful people I’ve ever met. We, by accident left are keys in the car and the doors closed! Being 350 km from home in a village where you see no means of transportation other than bullock carts is frightening. So, about 10 people came over, leaving their work to help us. One of them ran to the next village to bring a carpenter. I didn’t how that would help but still any idea was good for us right now. So I ventured out a little trying to find at least a single bar of network strength. That’s when I stumbled upon this farm where all the wild grass was growing around it. For a guy living in the city, it was beautiful. Luckily it was near sunset and I got one of my favorite shots ever! And by the way, that carpenter the guy brought opened the car in like 20 seconds!! My respect for people living in the village increased tenfold! Anyway here is the pic. I had to take about 14 shots to get it right!



Fireworks !!

I’m from India and the festivals here are truly a beautiful sight. Only a few days ago we had the festival of lights – Diwali!! The diyas and fireworks here are always spectacular. Here are some photos of fireworks I have clicked. They may seem a little shaky because I don’t have a tripod, so now they look a mix between fireworks and abstract art !! 🙂

Light Paintings

I recently learned to ‘light paint’ (sounds awesome, doesn’t it?) and it has become my favorite technique in photography!! I am an teacher so I’ll post links to their tutorials. It is based on increased shutter speed of cameras. If you try I bet you wouldn’t have had so much fun doing photography before!! Anyway, here are the link of the websites and some of the pics I clicked. Link1  and Link2 these are the links 🙂

Now the photos !!

Yes I do love red 🙂


Imitating Goku !! 😛

Silver Lining !!

Hey there, this is my first post! Let me tell you what this blog is about. Its about my feeble attempts at capturing what our human eye sees almost every single day. Yeah, that’s it!
So, this one is one my favorites. Its the photo of a beautiful sunset in the city.

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