For Art’s Sake

Its been a while since I visited this site. My PC had crashed and took all my 500 photos with it 😦 So I’m pretty much starting from the scratch!! So i went to this place called Thol lake, where many species of birds are seen in winter. Being no bird watcher I went there to take photos of a beautiful sunrise. Well, things never go as planned, do they? When we reached there I could see nothing but hundreds of birds. The idea of a sunrise crashed just like my PC and I started clicking away in every direction!! I realized I had forgotten to charge my camera not until it was actually day. Anyway having very little battery I clicked some photos and returned home disappointed but amazed at the number of different birds that lake holds! I saw the photos and all I got were useless photos of birds (I don’t the patience of a wildlife photographer so all my pics were either blurred or just empty sky) And the good scenes that deserved to be captured properly were all taken in a hurry since the battery was low 😦  I’ve made plans to go there again and take proper photos this time. Well anyway the settings were not ideal for the true beauty of the scene to be realized so I’ve tweaked with them a little using Picasa and next time I promise better photos. I must warn you though I’ve tried to be a little artistic with them!! 😛 Here they are…I have taken the liberty to edit them but only to an extent. All I have done is increased shadows or used warmify or increased highlights…

If anyone has played LIMBO on X-Box or PC or PS3 This one kinda looks like it...If you haven't I highly recommend this game Its a very small game...

The Moon..Just in case 😛

Does this remind anyone of Japan..?!?

Just like one of the Google images:P

I was very very lucky to get this shot..Wish I didn't have to edit it...

Beautiful scene!!


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