Vintage Villa

Today I went to a place called ‘Vintage Villa’ where some of the rare vintage cars are showcased. The entire collection of more than 100 cars belongs to a  single guy!! (I don’t remember the name). Anyway the collection includes Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ford, Cadillac, Fiat and many others I don’t remember. Some of them date back to 1920s!! Anyway they took extra charge for taking photos (That is just mean :P), but I was not gonna miss that. So anyway, I took like 150 photos!! I went there with my family and dad’s friends’ families. Had a great time!! So, here are the pics. These are the select few I really liked. The main problem was that they didn’t allow people to get too near to the cars (They had ropes), so I couldn’t get the best photos. Here they are. Hope you like them 🙂

Daimler (DE 27) Limousine 1947

Jaguar (Don't have the Model)

Rolls Royces Together!!

Rolls Royce Phantom I a.k.a Azad 1947

Rolls Royce Phantom I 1927

Rolls Royce - Phantom I (Boat tail roadster) 1927

Mercedes Benz 3005 1928

Austin - 7 1928

So many cars !! This guy has way too much money 😛

Cadillac 1947

Cadillac Sixty Special Saloon 1958

Hotchkiss Type 686 1938

Cord 810 1936

Hudson Terraplane 1937

Fiat 1909

Chevrolet Silver Eagle 1933

Dodge Kingsway 1956

Dodge Saloon 1939

Chrysler Tourer 1933


3 thoughts on “Vintage Villa

  1. Wow, what a car collection. Thank you for posting your photos. I just did a post on some of the great classic cars that we saw on our trip to Europe. Not near as many as these…but nice none the less.

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