I Love Black And White !!

Sometimes black and white photos say more than the other ones. This was one those times. I was at my friends house for a visit when I saw a beautiful set right in front of me. Like it was designed to be photographed. When I took the shots I was definitely wasn’t satisfied (Partly because I was using my cell :P). I took like 10 shots and still not a nice pic. I think the problem was that my phone was not capable enough to shoot such a pic with colors. So I tried black and white and damn!! It worked!! I never really liked black and white before (because they are kinda sad). But then I understood the meaning of a black and white photo lies in its simplicity and the mood it creates. So, as I was returning home, I saw a farm growing something tall (don’t know what) and immediately my mind thought ‘Black and white!!’ and I shot that too in B&W. So here are the pics…Hope you like them !! 🙂


Black & White does change this pic...


Its like an old movie !!


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